Russian and Individual Lash Extentions

Manisha Champaneri Uncategorised

Lash Extensions are very popular amongst brides, celebrities, & the average woman who might be “lash challenged”! There are different techniques to apply the lash extensions.

I offer the following;
For a more natural look, single extensions (applied one by one) to each lash can be custom-tailored to your needs.  You can choose the thickness, curl, lengths (by mm), colours & eye design.  Most people regardless of their hair colour usually opt for black.  The thickness you choose depends on how thick your natural lashes are.

Therefore if you have very fine lashes, then using the thinner extensions would be advised.  For most people with regular healthy lashes, I will mix the thicknesses to create a natural look/feel.

Single Lash Extensions take usually 1.5 to 2 hrs to apply, since you need to attach an extension to every single lash on your eyelid.

The client is reclined on a comfortable massage bed & enjoying a nice eye treatment at the same time.
The eye patches (which provide the eye treatment) are used to separate the top and lower lashes. After the procedure is done, the client is given instructions on how to maintain the lash extensions.
For example, avoid using an oil-based eye makeup remover, etc.

Refills are usually done every 2-4 weeks if the client wants to have lash extensions indefinitely.
The refill application usually takes 30mins to 1hr.

If a client gets them done for a one-time event (ie. wedding), they should last approximately 4-6 weeks depending how they take care of them…which should be long enough to last the wedding + honeymoon.

Lash extensions are great for weddings because if the bride cries, the extensions are waterproof & will not fall off or smear.

Lash extensions are generally safe for most people. The extensions are applied 1mm away from your eyelid, never touching skin.

Medical grade glue is used (same glue they use in place of sutures) that is safe for majority of people.