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Course Title

asian bridal makeup Leicester

Course Title


2 hours



School timings

Weekdays; 9.30am to 2.30pm / Weekends; flexible


  • All makeup and tools required for the course will be provided.
  • Continuous refreshments throughout the course.
  • All Visuals will be demoed on a model
  • If you prefer to work on a model, please request when booking the course

Deposit to confirm your place

£50 and remaining on the day of the course


Want to book onto the next course?

Email:      Tel: 0777335854

Beginners WOW Eye Course

asian bridal makeup in Leicester

Beginners WOW Eye Course

Course contents

This short session allows you to recreate any eye look of your choice from soft smokes, the sharpest liner, to the most intense cut crease. A Senior Artist will complete one of the model’s eyes and the student will recreate the design on the other using our products and our brushes. To deliver the training, we will have to assess a student’s speed and ability to complete a ‘WOW Eye’ within this time period. If we don’t believe you are at a required standard to recreate a cut crease, we may recommend an alternative makeup style as we don’t want you to feel under pressure to learn. However, if you know yourself that you may need an extra hour to complete this look we are able to extend your training (at an additional charge of £50) which would ensure you could complete any look of your choice.